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Skateboarding styles

Before buying, you need to understand what is more interesting for you: to ride on a flat surface or to practice tricks. This is what you need to start from when choosing a skateboard. Flatland-a style that involves riding on a flat horizontal surface. Skateboarders train either on asphalt or on concrete slabs, where there are no obstacles.

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How to store a skateboard

Before you remove it for a long break, you should make sure that there is no moisture and dirt on it. If there is, you need to carefully wipe all the parts with a damp cloth, but in no case do not expose them to a stream of water. Then the skateboard is wiped with a dry cloth, especially carefully cleaning the upper sandpaper.

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Description of skateboards


Traditionally, skateboards are a one-piece board with 4 wheels for urban street skating. Over the 40 years of its existence, skates have evolved and undergone modernization. There are types of skateboards with 16 wheels, which do not consist of a solid board, with two or three platforms, and other options that are not really skates. The design of the wheels and suspensions of all classic skates is the same. You can advise paying attention to the wheel stiffness parameter, which is indicated by a two-digit number and the letter A. This parameter ranges from 78A to 83A. The higher the number, the more rigid the wheels, the higher the speed of the skate, and the more serious the requirements for flatness of the surface.

The wheels of the 83A will vibrate too much on the coarse-grained asphalt surface. In turn, 78A on a relatively smooth surface lose in speed. Today, the base of skates is made of synthetic materials: plastic, fiberglass. They are light and durable. Despite this, professional skaters prefer the classic wooden versions. If only because they are more pleasant to hold in your hand. The very first skates, which became widespread in the 1970s, were irregularly shaped: they had an oval nose and a blunt tail. These boards are wider in their front part, so that greater stability is achieved.

The wheelbase is shifted to the nose. Due to their structure, old – school skates are ideal for performing ollie's tail kick of the board-a basic skateboard trick that was fantastically popular at the dawn of the skateboarding movement (there were simply no other tricks). The change in the shape of the old-school skate began when it was realized that ollie can be made not only by the tail, but also by the nose hitting the ground. In the 1980s came the fashion for flips and other tricks in the style of fatland. You can't really make them on an old-school skateboard. The boards began to take on a more regular shape and become narrower. The wheelbase was placed in the center of the soundboard.

Freestyle skates have become a transition to modern boards. Under this brand, maple and bamboo models are produced with six wheels (three in front and rear), a wide wheelbase. This is a weighted professional version of the skate. It was invented in the for snowboarders who did not feel very comfortable on a classic skateboard board. Freeboard has gained more stability, but has become less gimmicky. At the same time, he retained a good ability to overcome unfriendly areas, jump over obstacles in the form of curbs and bumps. In general, the "free board" — and sports, and racing, and rollerdrome, and a little Ollie. Many skateboarders treat long boards with disdain. Indeed, the longboard pursues quite different goals: fast driving and no ollie and flips. It is customary to talk about the different philosophy of skateboarders and longboarders. This does not make the latter any less professional.

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